Detecting Problems in the World

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Detecting Problems in the World


Post by Molaskes »

Problems in the world are valid to be handled as BWTT projects when they are not just individual problems (of one person or a small group of people) but rather likely or in fact affect at least hundreds of individuals over the course of a century. Exceptions to this can be made when good reasons are provided for it. (One example here could be a very rare disease that over millenia could affect quite many people, even though not hundreds within a century.)

The BWTT can also only accept and handle problems that are not singular events, as these simply cannot be reacted to quickly enough by the BWTT. However, any type of crisis can become a valid project, so that similar crises may be prevented in the future.

Each BWTT contributor should always be on the lookout for any problems in the world that match above criteria to become valid BWTT projects. While we all certainly are aware of a number of problems all the time, we may discover many more if we only really start searching or scanning for them.

One key principle here is “audiatur et altera pars” aka “audi alteram partem”, Latin for “Listen to the other side!” — While this principle is one important element of legal proceedings (although in practice hardly really fully respected), it is at least as important for detecting problems in the world. Listen to minorities other than those you are part of, even to majorities whose issues are not resolved, and really approach them with greatest benevolence, as unbiased as you can, and take them as seriously as they do themselves apparently feel their issues to be serious for them.

And do not only literally listen (or read) what others say about their problems, as there are many cases that can be detected only by observing or otherwise noticing the victims who cannot communicate their suffering in language, or who are just not skilled enough in their use of language, and with ethical precaution and logical deduction determine that there is a significant problem in the world indeed. Victim groups here for instance include children, many cases of disabled or severely ill persons, hidden-away prisoners, and so on, and of course first of all animals.

When a project is created whose issue is already covered by an existing one (best check the Projects Report PDF and the Best World Forum first before creating a new project), it should be merged into the existing one as soon as possible.
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