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All About the Best World Forum


Post by Molaskes »

(This article is included in the BWF Knowledge Base PDF, see

The Best World Forum is an open public community where you can learn and discuss how to make the world a better place, in small or large ways. It is abbreviated BWF.

At (http(s)://)(www.) you can find its worldwide online community, and there may be local offline BWF groups near you, or you simply start one yourself. The BWF is no top-down regulated organization, so as long as you refer to the worldwide online community website ( and base your local offline group on the BWF Principles (see below), it is a legitimate BWF group.

The BWF online community is available both in English and in German, and it consists of three parts:
  1. the Open Public Think Tank for a Better World with forums and know-how articles
  2. the Future Democracy section with forums and an updates blog
  3. the Community Grounds with forums and user blogs
The Community Grounds are for everybody; this part of the online community is the "best world forum" in the sense of providing online forums for people from all around the world, probably better than very most other online forums in pretty much every way.

The Future Democracy section is for people who are interested in real democracy (free PDF book, FAQs, the Constitution of the Democratic World, and other resources: as developed by Molaskes as the overall best and most powerful way of making the world not only a better place, but as quickly as possible the best place practicably possible, and keep it that way.

The Open Public Think Tank for a Better World is the most exclusive part of the BWF, with very precise rules for discussions and contributions, ensuring incorruptible efficacy, efficiency, and quality in detecting problems, then analyzing these problems, then developing solutions for these problems, and finally really implementing these solutions. Only few people can meet the intellectual and moral demands of the Think Tank. If you want to discuss in, and/or contribute to the Think Tank, read its specific rules to see if you can. Yet everybody is free to read all the publications and discussions of the Think Tank.

The BWF Knowledge Base and the BWF Projects Report (both based mostly on the work of the Think Tank) can be downloaded as always free, always up-to-date PDF documents from

The BWF Principles:
  1. Really strive for making the world the best place possible!
  2. Establish and maintain ways that ensure you really get things done!
  3. Thoroughly question and re-evaluate everything you have learned!
  4. Optimize in a good balance yourself, your life, your relationships, and the world!
  5. Do not let yourself get distracted very long by anything or anybody!
  6. Actively keep (or get) your motivation always as high up as possible!

The History of the BWF / The Path to the BWF:

The BWF was founded in 2023 in a several months long process by "Voice of Reason" Molaskes, a citizen of Namibia, originally from Germany, who spent his lucky and happy childhood and youth in the German Democratic Republic (aka East Germany). He is the administrator (short form: admin) of the online community, his username is "Molaskes".

Even though disagreeing with several points of its agenda, Molaskes once was a member of the German party "PDS" (Party of Democratic Socialism; German: Partei des Demokratischen Sozialismus), but left it after a few years, frustrated by its inefficacy and many follies. (He of course disagreed even more with all other major parties in Germany, and today actually opposes the entire concept of political parties.)

The high-IQ organization Mensa was, under the impression of the Second World War, originally founded with the idea of bringing together the most intelligent people from all around the world (visualized as sitting around a huge table, and in the traditional intellectual/academic language Latin, "table" is "mensa", hence the name), who should then find solutions for all the big problems of the world, ending all wars, ending all hunger, ending all injustice, and so on. This absolutely "political" main goal has been completely betrayed, and while the original founding story was still told officially, Molaskes found upon entering a Mensa that had degenerated into a club of mostly vain fools. A large internal survey showed that about one third actually wanted Mensa to follow its original goals, and were interested only in these, but the majority of this corrupted society blocks these attempts. Today, even the original founding story has been censored away from the Mensa International website. Like many members, Molaskes left Mensa after a short while of course, following the Mensa abandoners' credo: "Mensa is the club that accepts only the upper 2 % of the IQ spectrum — only the lower 2 % of which are dumb enough to join and stay." (Which fits the membership statistics very well.)

Molaskes has also been a member, or at least supporter (by donations), of several NGOs (non-governmental organizations), including Amnesty International, Greenpeace, Attac, The Vegan Society, and PETA (People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals), and still is for some of them. Many (especially other) NGOs lack sorely in efficacy due to internal bureaucracy and/or being corrupted by hostile agents (economic and/or political). And several are not actually non-governmental, but really fake NGOs, quite some even directly set up to keep people "harmlessly occupied" and under observation.

Realizing how so-called "democracies", that is all the capitalist states and their copycat counterparts, the socialist states (both of which Molaskes has in-depth experience of living in, including their propaganda and their actual reality), do not really benefit the people (mostly by design, the rest by wide-spread corruption of various sorts), he soon discovered some of the great social philosophers who propose utopian concepts for real social progress, including anarchism (self-organization as amongst equals, as opposed to top-down organizations of trickster leaders, blind sheepish to wolfish followers, and exploited masses) and permaculture (wisely living and working with nature, not any longer against it), and he experienced on several occasions how perfectly (smoothly, efficiently, and effectively) these can work in projects.

In the Corona Crisis, like many others, Molaskes learned about the dark machinations of the World Economic Forum (WEF), the World Health Organization (WHO), and other such organizations that play with the lives of the people of the world. Following international media from Namibia (through the online video community), Molaskes decided to focus on a German audience, as Germany by his judgment played a pivotal role (albeit not the leading role!) in the crisis, and would have been the most promising lever in ending it quickly.

Through the German-language web underground, he got in touch with some lesser leading figures from the protests and resistance movement from Germany, Austria and Switzerland, all of which though were either so overworked or swam on such a public-attention egotrip high that they could not listen to his attempts of organizing effective mutual help networks to provide the people with all the goods and services (including food, drink, transportation, psychological and medical care, and more) that otherwise were not provided, and to plan and execute effective measures against totalitarian antihuman agendas.

One chatter then suggested to start an open public think tank, which Molaskes then did together with him and about two dozen other chatters. It was called "Ein Think-Tank zum Bevölkerungsschutz" (German for "A Think Tank for Public Safeguarding and Defence"). Molaskes worked almost day and night to organize and build the think tank, wrote most of its published content, and edited the free PDF with know-how, analyzes, and suggestions that it produced. This PDF bore the title "Ideen zum Bevölkerungsschutz" (Ideas for Public Safeguarding and Defence) and was soon published outside the chat community on its own website. The last edition had grown to 250 pages. Unfortunately, all the other think tank members one by one got so overwhelmed and crushed by the Corona Crisis that they became unable to contribute anymore to the think tank, "escaping" into survival/prepping frenzy mode, playing computer games all day long, or in one case, taking drugs again they had successfully overcome many years ago.

When the think tank had run out of almost all other members, Molaskes decided to now write a book about how to optimally organize yourselves, so that people could solve all their issues perfectly themselves in smoothly cooperating groups. He would include everything needed to prevent anything like the Corona Crisis in the future, and to effectively build the ideal society with real democracy, and then sustain it forever. Exhausted from the Corona Crisis himself, and for his mostly only German-speaking think tank contacts, he wrote the book first in his original native language German, under the title "Demokratie der Zukunft", and only then (with an enormous work effort) translated it into the English version "Future Democracy". From then on, he extended both versions always simultaneously, always publishing all updates as free PDFs on their respective websites, until they had reached their final size of each 1250 pages in early 2023, including the world's first anarchist and non-etatist social order legal constitution, the Constitution of the Democratic World.

To notify readers about updates of the free PDFs, to discuss with like-minded people from all around the world, and to some day continue the think tank, Molaskes set up a first online community based on the free phpBB software, titled "Future Democracy Community" (aka the FDC).

The few other users this online community had expressed the wish that it would have a wider approach and not be so much focused on Future Democracy. Inspired by the "Years of Living Dangerously" documentary series that in several episodes analyzes the work of malicious public relations companies, which often copy from the good guys, even frequently disguise as them, and may even directly mimic the names of their organizations, Molaskes fancied the idea of countering the World Economic Forum with its utterly dystopian agenda (including transhumanism) with a "Better World Economic Forum". But as it should not be focused solely on economy, he condensed the name to "Better World Forum", and then finally decided to use the superlative form "Best World Forum" which perfectly summarizes all his intents. As most URLs (internet addresses) with "bestworldforum", "bestworld", "BWF" or the like were already taken (or are crazy expensive), he decided to use the relatively new but perfectly fitting top level domain ".solutions" and keep the URL as short as possible, yielding, where he then built the new online community from the old one.
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