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Here you can introduce yourself to the community, if you want to, and can read the introductions of other users, and you can freely discuss amongst each other to get to know each other a bit.
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Here you can introduce yourself to the community, if you want to, and can read the introductions of other users, and you can freely discuss amongst each other to get to know each other a bit.
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Hello Community,

I shall use this thread to not only introduce myself but also, as the first thread in this section, talk a bit about how we may best use it.

You can of course always go to a user's profile by clicking their avatar picture or username, and may find a lot of information there, perhaps even including links to informative websites of them, as in my case.

However, in this section, we can more naturally introduce ourselves to the community, say welcome to new users, ask each other questions and answer them, and thus form a better fundament for the community.

Of course you can also use the chat to get to know one another better, and finally private messages for personal one-on-one conversations.

You are not required to introduce yourself to the community, however the more you give, the more you usually get back, and that also goes for sharing any interesting information about you that could be conducive to an online community where we like to be, talk with each other, and learn from each other.

Thus it is a good idea to make your user profile worthwhile to visit for other users, read other users' introductions here, write your own introduction, and engage with other users in forum discussions, in the chat, and in private messages.

And now ...
About Me:

As the admin (short for administrator) of this website, I bought and annually pay (a small sum) for using the URL (, pay annually (likewise a small sum) for a rented web server share to store and run the website's software and store all the files it needs, selected the software to install on the web server (in this case, the open-source freeware forums software phpBB, see, installed it and heavily configured and improved it using my highly advanced web developer expertise (programming and design), then from my very long internet experience, including many different chats, forums, and other online communities, wrote the Community Rules and Privacy Policy (in English and in German), defined all the forum sections, and started some first threads in all of them, then began to invite the first other users.

On one hand, I am just one (daily) user amongst you, and my main interest here is to be just a user, discussing in the forums, chatting, exchanging private messages, on the other hand though, I am responsible for the community, legally, morally, and ethically. I shall quickly react to any problems users may have with or through the website, be they technical or emotional or legal or otherwise, and try to assist as good as I can, by my expertise and ethics, in solving them the overall best possible way.

I was born in the 1970s in the German Democratic Republic (GDR, aka East Germany), and very happily lived there until its destruction and rapid transformation into yet another capitalist region on Earth. Several years later, after a long process of deciding and planning, I moved to Southwest Africa, Namibia, where I live a really good and happy life with my wife (and long-term business partner) and our children. My wife and I run a number of small businesses in scientific and engineering consulting, text and media services, and own research and development (mostly software, but occasionally also electronics, architecture, and other fields).

After three relatively serious attacks by extremists (two cases) and individual lunatics (one case), we decided to optimize our personal security, which also means that I strictly separate our businesses and real-life identities from all my other internet activities. Do not expect photographs or videos of me, any identifying personal information, or to meet me in person. I really like to socialize, but wherever I may be offline, I will not appear there as Molaskes, nor reveal to be Molaskes.

My interests span very many fields, and in fact I enjoy learning new things every day, pretty much literally, which qualifies me as a Sherian Scanner personality type (read for instance "Refuse to Choose!" by Barbara Sher). I am also an HSP (highly sensitive person) as defined by Elaine N. Aron, and I live completely drugfree to maximize my productivity and reliability in all areas of life.

You do not need to share all my philosophical attitudes and other values, although of course I would admire that a lot, as it is so very very rare. But this online community is for everybody who respects the Community Rules, and they do not require you at all to be as I am, for instance vegan, antitheist, anarchist, pacifist, polyamorous, et cetera. However, always feel free to ask me about them, and even dispute about them.

I may as well learn from you, you may as well convince me, as the other way round. That's actually how I arrived where I am today, and I am always eager to further improve myself.

Feel free to visit my personal website, and find further (many) topics there for discussions (e.g. music, computer art, linguistics, languages, conlaning, software development, applied maths, and much more).
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