The Best World Forum - Registration

(1) Contacting the admin:
If you need assistance with using this website and community and do not find the solution in the FAQ (linked below the site top banner of every page), or would like anything changed (including out of legal opinion), contact the admin anytime. You find a link to do so near the bottom of every page. Response within 24 hours is almost guaranteed, and is usually much faster.

(2) Protect yourself and your data:
Carefully study →Our Privacy Policy (opens in a new tab/widow) to learn how to protect your privacy and your data on this website and community.

(3) English vs German areas:
All posts in the English-language forums must be in English, all posts in the German-language forums must be in German, all messages in the Community Chat and all user profiles must be in English and/or German. You may include minor parts in other languages when talking about languages or giving translations. The Community Chat is shared by both English-speaking and German-speaking users, which must be respected. If you do not understand German, you may politely ask German chatters if they could switch to English for you, but otherwise you should simply ignore German chat messages. Any forum categories on the board index that you do not wish to use, you can collapse using the minus button on the right of each category's title bar.

(4) Behavioural requirements:
Do not post (in forums, in the Community Chat or on your profile) any texts or external links that are likely to shock, disgust or pester other users, assuming all ages, outside of the necessities of on-topic discussions of socio-philosophical matters (such as social criticism). Do not (in forums, in the Community chat or on your profile) upload, or link to, any images or videos that are likely to shock, disgust or pester other users, assuming all ages. In all forums, stay on their specific topic. Always respect all the Community Rules given here. Users who for whatever reason (malice, psychopathology and/or infantility) cannot behave as hereby requested, will be removed by the admin to protect the community.

(5) External links:
As everywhere on the internet, clicking on external links and thus visiting other websites is solely your own responsibility. However, should you find that a link posted here in a forum, on a user profile or in the Community Chat, may likely shock, disgust or pester other users, assuming all ages, then please report the forum post, the profile, or the chat message so that moderators or admins can quickly check this and, if they share your judgment, will remove the link.

(6) No personal data in public areas:
Posting personal data, particularly addresses and phone numbers, is strictly forbidden in all public areas of this community, that is in the forums, in the Community Chat and on user profiles. Furthermore, posted email addresses or messenger services contact data can be vetoed by any user and will then be removed by moderators if they have any doubt as to whether they actually belong to the poster themselves.

(7) On changing usernames:
Changing usernames leads to confusion in online communities and is therefore disabled here. If you absolutely want your username changed anyhow, plead your case to the admin, who can change your username for you.

(8) Decide on an avatar:
After logging in for the first time, via your profile settings choose an avatar picture. Do not later change it repeatedly, rather try to stick with one once you write posts/replies in the forums.

(9) When user accounts are not used (anymore):
Newly registered user accounts that even after weeks do not get used, or old user accounts that after many months obviously are not used any longer and have contributed nothing worth keeping in the forums, can be deleted by the admin to keep the community uncluttered.

(10) No guarantee of availabiliy:
The admin of the community wants to use the website himself on a daily basis and thus has a high interest on keeping it online at all times, or after failures getting it back as quickly as possible. However, there is never a guarantee that the community will always be available, nor that it will exist forever.

The admin thanks all members of the community for respecting above rules.
A better world begins here, with you!