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I speak English 🇬🇧:
💎 fluently.
I speak German 🇩🇪:
💎 fluently.
I also speak some:
🇮🇹️ Italiano (Italian), 🇫🇷️ Français (French), 🇪🇸️ Español (Spanish), 🇵🇹️ Português (Portuguese), 🇷🇴️ Română (Romanian), 🇳🇱️ Nederlands (Dutch), 🇸🇪️ Svenska (Swedish), 🇳🇴️ Norsk (Norwegian), 🇩🇰️ Dansk (Danish), 🇬🇷️ Ελληνικά (Greek), 🇦🇱️ Shqip (Albanian), 🇮🇩️ Bahasa Indonesia (Indonesian)
✅ Count me in!
My democracy level:
SDG (12-19)
My ASecs of interest:
System Performance (SP), Education (ED), Conflict-Solving (CS), Resources: Food (RS-FD), Resources: Drinking Water (RS-DW), Resources: Energy (RS-EG), Resources: Raw Materials and Products (RS-MP), Resources: Media Library (RS-ML), Resources: Digital Library (RS-DL), Cooperation (CO), Systems Interface (SI), Public Relations (PR), Security (SC), Emergencies (EM), Health (HL), Safety (SF), Hygiene (HG), Cleaning (CL), Disposals (DP), Funeral Services (FS), Buildings Technology (BT), IT Systems (IT)
About me:
(Who Is Molaskes? | The Core Values of Molaskes | What I'm Currently Doing — linked there also: Molaskes' Projects Overview | The Molaskes Manifesto)
(Wer ist Molaskes? | Der Wertekodex von Molaskes | Was ich derzeit tue — dort außerdem verlinkt: Molaskes' Projekte-Übersicht | Das Molaskes-Manifest)
Profile news headline:
Think Tank Launch | Think-Tank-Start
My News:
🇬🇧 I'm currently writing the Knowledge Base for the Open Public Think Tank for a Better World (aka Best World Think Tank, BWTT), see
🇩🇪 Ich schreibe derzeit den Wissensschatz für den offenen und öffentlichen Think-Tank für eine bessere Welt (aka Best-World-Think-Tank, BWTT), siehe

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